3 Ways to Land Entertainment Jobs without stress

3 Ways to Land Entertainment Jobs without stress

So you want to be an entertainer but you also think it is difficult getting through the crowded industry. It is not easy being an entertainer either. It takes hard work, dedication and most especially patience. Though technology has made landing jobs quite easy, there are other things to take note of to help you get into the industry without stress.

Here are three ways you can land entertainment jobs without stress

  1. Forget about the Money and do More Volunteer Jobs: This may sound like stress already but the only pay you should look for while starting out should be creating a professional show reel as an actor or training to be a better singer. A show reel is the CV of an actor, it is proof of your range and it sells you. Engage in many jobs so that you will need to struggle to choose which is best when in need of a reference. Nse Ikpe-Etim became prominent to us over night from the film Reloaded but that was not her first feature film. She has worked on other films, including Amina with Jeta Amata. All of the films she worked on before attaining fame were seen by few people. She was convinced to return to acting by people that saw her work and trusted that she will be successful if she tried again. As soon as she returned and featured in Reloaded, she became a household name. Kiss Daniel was recording songs long before he met his manager. His song Woju is his sole effort without the backing of a music label or a manager. When his manager Emperor Jeezy heard the song, he immediately signed him. What would have happened if he was waiting to get paid before taking any action? Many people start out at jobs that they don’t get a dime; they just want to get the experience because nothing beats experience.
  2. Develop Your Talent: Talent is not hard to spot. Many people are in the industry without experience but with hunger for fame and money. There is a lot of reward when you invest in self-development. We can all agree on who is a good actor or a singer and when you develop your talent, it is much easier to use talent as a weapon to get into the industry. Agents/ managers will bargain to represent you. If you have to learn how to sing as an actor, learn it. If you are a singer, it may help learning to play some instruments or even learning how to produce your own songs and write better.

The worst thing you can do as an actor is to reject a role because the character has abilities you don’t have. Even the best actors invest time to learn the most difficult tricks. Jennifer Lawrence trained for six months before being featured in The Hunger Games. Rihanna registered herself at a music class even after winning seven Grammys and enjoying 10 years of success in the music industry. She took the classes before recording her new album ANTI. The album is hailed as her best by critics. No knowledge is wasted, especially as an entertainer because the job is a diverse one, except if you intend on being type-casted or relegated to a particular place. But remember the best entertainers are those that are able to embody different personas.

  1. Build Important Relationships: Important relationships means keeping an eye on directors, casting agents, writers and producers. Complement their work genuinely if you enjoy it. Don’t be patronising, that can be annoying and it will get you nowhere. Also consider following pages that are dedicated to casting calls, that way the information gets to you without having to struggle to find it. For example keeps entertainers aware of auditions.

We all have dreams and dreams fuel the engine for hard work. In a competitive industry, you need to get ahead of the competition and being ahead means being different.

Good luck!

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