Congratulations, Chimezie Imo! He got a role on MTV Shuga Season 6

Chimezie Imo, one of our talents on got a role on the new season of MTV Shuga, and we are ecstatic!

Chimezie does not only have an active profile with us, he attended our masterclass in August, and he credits the class for being helpful in the process of auditioning for Shina, the character he will be playing on the new season. Chimezie was going in and out of Audition room, working to prove that he deserves to play the role of Shina, and he got a positive call back.

Chimezie was kind enough to share encouraging words of advice with the rest of us on, and here is what he has to tell us;

“Well, It was not an easy process. Over 7 thousand people auditioned + online tapes.. It was tension filled,  the wait for a call back was the worse! Call back, after call back, after call back…  celebrities came in too, for readings.

No matter what,  believe in God and your self , and trust the process”

Chimezie Imo’s film and television career began in 2014 when he was named runner up on Nigerian talent show, ‘The Next Movie Star Reality Show’. He made his on-screen debut in the film, ‘Learning Curves and has since starred in TV shows like ‘Origin’ and the hilarious, ‘90 Gogoro’.

We are so happy for Chimezie, and we are eagerly awaiting the new season of Shuga. We are eager to see him excel, and based on the talent he exhibited at the masterclass we trust it will be a boost having him on the new season.


Visit his profile here:


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