Favour Okon Earned a Free Photoshoot with Auditions.ng

We love our active talents and Favour Okon was the first talent to be featured for our Talent Feature Fridays on Auditions.ng
Her profile has amazing pictures, she has a video to her profile and also referenced some amazing jobs she did in the past. Favour has an active profile, and it was natural that she applied for our free headshot contest. We asked female talents to indicate interest for a photoshoot with photographer Solomon Ikuseru, and Favour got it.

Your headshot is very  important to casting directors, and for Favour, she has eleven new headshots to choose from. We are here to help make your dreams come true. Stay active on auditions.ng

See her photos below.



From Favour:

My name is Grace Okon

I am an actor

One of the issues I have always had as an upcoming actor is how to get a genuine audition notice

I have followed many pages on Instagram and on Facebook but they weren’t helpful, not until i stumbled upon @audition.ng through KC Ejelonu’s (an actress) page and I followed them immediately without thinking twice

The most amazing part is that they post legit audition notice and are very consistent

They don’t just hook you up with casting directors, they make sure that they follow you up with calls, messages​ and email notifications isn’t that amazing i mean which other platform does that??

Now the part were @audition.ng burst my bubble was when they hooked me up with a professional photographer to take my headshot​ for free, What!!!!! I mean who does that.

If you know that you are an aspiring/upcoming actor like me, what are you waiting for sign up now with @audition.ng and start living your dreams .

You can thank me later!!!!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Lovely. Cute pictures

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