Star Feature of the week: Kemi Richards

Every new week, we start the week with a feature on one of our Premium talents. The Star Feature series is aimed at encouraging our talents and giving them more visibility in the industry they are striving to be a part of.

Our Feature of the week is Kemi Richards, who features on Mildred Okwo’s Bankers NGR, We had a very interesting chat with the rising star

Why did you choose to become an actor?

Acting came to me when I was lost in a science class; studying to become a Computer Engineer, and I am talking JAMB! I woke up one morning, picked up my notebook to go through, because I had The JAMB exam the following week, but all i saw behind the pages were drawings, music and dialogues from my favorite movies. It was a wake up call. Believe it or not, i scored 241 over 400 in Sciences, and 305 points over 400 in Arts, and it didn’t even take me up to 5months to switch courses and study for my Arts exams. That was how I ended up where I am supposed to be! Acting, singing, dancing and everything in between.

If you could remake one movie, what movie would that be, and what role will you cast yourself in?


I would have said Maria in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, but I am very sentimental about that movie, because it is one of the major essence of my childhood, so i would say, Pretty Woman and the Character Vivian.

Tell us about your experience in Nollywood so far?

I haven’t been in Nollywood long enough but it has been amazing. Every experience has been knowledgeable. I learn everyday which is a good thing and, oooh, I am a pretty fast learner wink

A short story on Kemi’s worst audition?

We were left outside an estate for over 4 hours under the hot sun. At the end of it all, over 45% of us were not auditioned. It was really frustrating.

What type of movies do you like?

Horror, Crime, Adventure, Epic, Action, in that order What is your state of mind after auditions? It varies actually, because I always know if I gave my best or not. The nerves are a crazy thing too

You worked with Mildred Okwo and Rita Dominic on a new series what was the experience like?

Not every director/Producer would call you on the phone to gist about your character. Aunty M, like we all call her is a gift to Nollywood. An Actors director! Quote me anywhere! Rita is that calming spirit in the room reminds you (with a calm smile), “it is not that deep, relax and have fun”, I can’t wait to get back on set!

Who is the dream actor you look forward to working with? Meryl Streep

Who is your dream director?

Antoine Faqua

Give us a synopsis of your dream role?

Superhero Royalty with a great sense of humor! Ps. Maybe a female black panther.

Whose success story inspires you the most?

John Adegboyega

We are eager to experience the growth Kemi Richards is set to enjoy in her career and we implore you to support the young woman.

Keep going Kemi!

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