Star Feature of the Week: Ogosi Vincentia Ifeyinwa

Every week, we would start the week with a feature on one of our Premium talents. This series is aimed at encouraging them and giving them more visibility in the industry they are striving to be a part of.

This week our spotlight is on Ogosi Vincentia Ifeyinwa, she is an actress a singer and a songwriter, who goes by the stage name VinvaE. Vincentia hails from Asaba, Delta state. She owns a clothing brand @vinvaevinvae and mini production outfit @ VTB entertainment an NPO for the elderly ones @ Teresa Bridget foundation (TBF) and she loves baking. She earned her first degree at Madonna University, Public health 2014 and proceeded for a Masters at the University of Benin ( health planning and management).

Read our chat with Vincentia:

Of all professions in the world, why did you choose acting?

Acting because I have always loved it since I was a child, and I love the fact I get to assume a different person in every given role.

If you could remake one movie, what movie would that be, and what role will you cast yourself in?

A cry for help role (Bleh Bleh)

What film do you look forward to seeing?

MUNA, Star wars, Forever my girl. They are so many.

Short story on your worst audition

Was Awesome What type of movies do you like? I love Action and horror Movies, in fact I love all, as long as it’s well organised.

What is your state of mind like after auditions?

I feel the same, my normal self

Who is the dream actor you look forward to working with

Gal Gadot, Genevieve Nnaji, Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel

Give us a synopsis of your dream role

A badass thief terrorizing the country due to a childhood trauma.

Whose success story inspires you the most

All actors whom have been working hard to make it in the industry.


We are eager to experience the growth Vincentia is set to enjoy n her career and we implore you to support the young woman.

Keep going Vincentia!


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